US company showcases all-terrain wheelchair at AccessAbilities Expo

US company showcases all-terrain wheelchair at AccessAbilities Expo

The US-based Action Manufacturing showcased its latest wheelchair, Action Trackchair, an all-terrain wheelchair that can go off-roading and also be used in the neighbourhood at the recently concluded AccessAbilities Expo in Dubai.

Action Trackchair is intended for people of determination looking for challenging wild adventures.

The chair comes with advanced technologies and exclusive patented design. “The Action Trackchair provides superior performance that makes it transcend from a device for off-road transportation to a futuristic device,” said Adam Henning, Marketing Director, Action Manufacturing.

“Be it when exploring outdoor locations or wandering around the neighborhood, or facing on land challenges, the wheelchair stands out as it is able to withstand the most challenging conditions. The all-terrain wheelchairs are subjected to rigorous endurance tests, as well as real-world testing and challenging conditions, including mud, sand, snow and water covered terrains,” he said.

The integrated 3.4 HP PMDC engines are exclusive to AXIS providing an acceleration that allows the user to cover more distances. This increased power from the engines is amplified when paired with the redesigned frame, which was streamlined to reduce rolling resistance resulting in improved range.

“The perfect fit can be achieved thanks to six independent adjustment points throughout the seat,” he said adding that the features of this chair lie in the advanced technologies involved in its production, and the exclusive patented design that provides absolute comfort for its operator, who can select the seat angle that suits the driver’s preferences when embarking on adventures in the desert.

Action Manufacturing manufactures more than 6,500 wheelchairs annually.

“We recorded a widespread interest from visitors and participants in the event,” said Henning.


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