I Found Myself: The world’s first-of-its-kind programme of inspirational success stories of distinguished workers who overcame hardships and became entrepreneurs

I Found Myself:  The world’s first-of-its-kind programme of inspirational success stories of distinguished workers who overcame hardships and became entrepreneurs

Major-General Obaid bin Suroor: The initiative is a practical embodiment of Dubai’s ideal business environment

Abdulwahed Juma: The partnership between Dubai Media Incorporated and the Taqdeer Award stems from its belief in supporting national initiatives

Abdel Hadi Al Sadi: The UAE’s investment climate paves the way for the success of private projects and businessmen emerging from the labour environment

Dubai, UAE – 14 March 2023

His Excellency Major-General Obaid Muhair bin Suroor, Deputy Director-General of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai, Chairman of the Permanent Committee for Labour Affairs in Dubai and Chairman of Taqdeer Award, has asserted the ‘I Found Myself’ initiative being an embodiment of the ideal business environment provided by the UAE and Dubai in particular to investors and workers from different nationalities.

He said the initiative sheds light on inspirational success stories of workers who came to Dubai seeking employment opportunities to build a better future for themselves and their families. After years of work, these individuals managed to become businessmen, entrepreneurs and/or senior officials in the companies they worked for.

Constituting an integral part of the Taqdeer Award held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of The Executive Council, ‘I Found Myself’ became a permanent initiative following the success recorded by the 15 episodes of the initiative’s 1st season broadcasted during the Holy Month of Ramadan last year.

The Taqdeer Award chairman disclosed episodes of the 2nd season of ‘I Found Myself, which will be broadcasted on the Dubai Media Incorporated’s channels during the forthcoming Ramadan, represent a qualitative addition to the reputation of the UAE in the community tolerance domain and highlights the extent of community integration enjoyed by residents of more than 200 nationalities living on its soil, and contributing towards its development, each in their field of competence.

He made the comments during a Press conference organised by the Award management to disclose details about the launching of new episodes of ‘I Found Myself’ during the Holy Month of Ramadan. The Press conference had been attended by Abdulwahed Juma, CEO of Commercial & Partnerships, Dubai Media Incorporated, and Abdel Hadi Al-Sadi, CEO of BHM Capital, the exclusive sponsor of the episodes.

All the episodes of the 1st season of ‘I Found Myself’ had been well received by the audiences as per the high viewing levels for the Ramadan programme. The series had been broadcasted by Dubai Media Incorporated on Dubai and Sama Dubai Arabic channels along with Dubai One channel directed towards English audiences.

On his part, Abdulwahed Juma said: “The partnership between Dubai Media Incorporated and the Taqdeer Award stems from its belief in supporting national initiatives, especially those related to human rights files and supporting all files related to them, as the partnership constitutes a qualitative addition to enhancing the quality of life and work in Dubai. The award receives wide attention in recognition of its contribution to motivating companies and workers in Dubai to exert more efforts in order to establish standards in the field of worker welfare, productivity enhancement, job loyalty, quality of projects and speed of implementation.”

Abdulwahed added: “Dubai Media Incorporated contributed to supporting the award with a number of incentives, most notably showing the episodes of the programme ‘I Found Myself’ and providing media support for the Taqdeer Award, which reflects the great role it plays in addition to supporting the Award by showing the efforts of the award-winning companies within the programmes in DMI channels to create an environment competitiveness between private sector companies to reach the targets and support the Award team with these incentives. Dubai Media Incorporated always seeks to put the national agenda among its priorities, especially those related to the economic aspects of what the emirate represents as one of the most important cities on the economy map.”

Success-Building Investment Climate

Abdel Hadi Al-Sadi, CEO of BHM Capital, the leading company in the field of financial services and the exclusive sponsor of the 2nd season of the ‘I found Myself’ initiative, said: “We are glad to sponsor this initiative that reflects the importance of the distinguished investment climate provided by the UAE to enable the success of businesses and projects and pave the way for all those aspiring to build a better future.”

He indicated that social responsibility had been and will always be one of the key strategic pillars of BHM Capital, by targeting qualitative initiatives such as the Taqdeer Award, which enhances the importance of the effective contribution to creating a promising future for distinguished workers and their families, in line with achieving the vision of our wise leadership to make Dubai the best destination for work, living and investment.

“The UAE is at the forefront of the best countries in the world in terms of various competitiveness economic indicators; hence, it is not surprising that the I Found Myself initiative forms a new page in the book of national economy successes, and the flexibility of this economy in creating ideal labour laws and mechanisms that enable the success of projects and provide success opportunities for distinguished workers. This is what the episodes of ‘I Found Myself’ will illustrate in the Holy Month of Ramadan.”

Inspirational Success Stories

The episodes in the 2nd season will focus on 15 inspirational stories of real-life people from Dubai’s labour community. In these stories, the protagonists are shown having achieved remarkable success in their careers, such as getting promoted from simple to high-level supervisory and executive positions. In addition, the episodes will highlight the role of companies operating in Dubai in supporting their workers to overcome their personal crises; thereby providing a true interpretation of the noble message of the initiative in conveying the true picture of Dubai’s labour community that is characterized by an all-encompassing environment whose members enjoy security, safety and well-being.


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