dans organised the Corporate Innovation Program to foster innovation environment among its employees

dans organised the Corporate Innovation Program to foster innovation environment among its employees

  • Mohammed Ahli: Innovation is our top priority in this digital era; committed to innovation to improve our services to match the global standards
  • Employees encouraged to suggest innovative ideas to win valuable prizes

March 08, 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

A new innovation programme has been launched by Dubai Air Navigation Services (dans) that provides air navigation services and air traffic control for four airports of Dubai and the Northern Emirates. This programme is part of a larger dans Corporate Innovation programme.

The Air Navigation Service Provider is looking for involvement from its staff to submit their creative thoughts and recommendations to enable dans to flourish as a premier Air Navigation Service Provider. The employees are being encouraged to join in the “dans Innovates” competition by submitting their ideas for ‘innovation’ in the hopes of earning rewards. In addition to the “dans innovates” competition, the Innovation Program includes a number of other activities such as training in innovation leadership, an innovation awareness campaign, training in innovation and future foresight, an “innovation lab,” and more.

“Innovation is our top goal in this digital age as we are dedicated to innovation on all fronts to enhance our services to meet global standards and practises. This is part of our commitment to support the Innovation Program by guaranteeing full involvement by our staff.” The goal is to produce creative ideas that may help dan’s future growth, disseminate knowledge among workers about the innovation programme, and build a culture of innovation, said HE Mohammed Abdulla Ahli, Seconded CEO of dans and Director-General of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA). This is made possible by the dedication of our workforce, which serves as the driving force behind our innovation strategy. We have faith in the ability of our staff members to innovate and create new things. dans had scheduled weekly tournaments, each of which was focused on a different theme.

The topic of discussion for the first week was “How to Increase Efficiency in dans.” The employees were inspired to submit their creative suggestions, which then had to be evaluated in terms of their practicality and potential for good influence. The first ten people who sign up for the event entered a drawing that took place every Friday, and they had the opportunity to win one of four excellent prizes.

The second week topic was “How ANSP Will Be in the Future,” and the third week theme was “How to Promote a Positive Work Environment and Employee Happiness.” In line to dans goal by prioritizing employee health, welfare, and growth in the future, with the focusing on obtaining employee input on the subject; Nonetheless, future shaping is one of the organization’s key priority areas, and this was reflected in the core topic throughout the month.

The Innovation Month “UAE Innovates 2023” is the largest nation-wide event to celebrate innovation and innovators since 2015. It comes as part of the UAE’s Innovation related. In addition, the UAE has several different strategies, some of which are outlined below: the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030, the Smart Dubai Strategy, the Dubai Autonomous Transportation Strategy, the UAE Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence, the National Innovation Strategy, and the Strategy for the Future. The Innovation Month is a component of each of these strategies.


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