Astra Tech Empowers Inclusion and Financial Equity at AccessAbilities Expo in the UAE

Astra Tech Empowers Inclusion and Financial Equity at AccessAbilities Expo in the UAE

  • People of Determination can now showcase and sell through the Botim Store and reach over 8 million UAE Botim App users

Astra Tech, the leading consumer technology holding group in the MENA region, is humbled to announce its sponsorship of the upcoming AccessAbilities Expo in UAE. This partnership aims to introduce an innovative digital solution designed to empower People of Determination to seamlessly showcase and sell their merchandise via the Botim store, extending their reach to over eight million UAE Botim app users.

Astra Tech’s support reflects the company’s unwavering dedication to advancing digital inclusion and financial empowerment for society at large. As an all-inclusive ultra app, Botim provides equal opportunities and essential financial inclusion tools to its large user base of over 150 million globally. This advocacy exemplifies the company’s commitment to creating collective impact and its proactive approach to bridging gaps within the community by harnessing technology.

Abdallah Abu Sheikh, Co-founder of Astra Tech and CEO of Botim, stated: “At Astra Tech, we strive to tap into the power of technology and harness its ability to create change that positively shapes and impacts society. We recognise the important role that people of determination play in shaping our society and their potential to contribute to the country’s economic growth.”


He added: “Our collaboration with the AccessAbilities Expo is a testament to our dedication to inclusivity, equal opportunities, and social responsibility. By introducing this digital solution, we are not only simplifying lives but also actively contributing to the betterment of our community. We are excited to support the People of Determination in showcasing their talents and products to a wider audience, creating new pathways to sustainable income and growth.”

By empowering various market segments with new income streams, Astra Tech actively contributes to societal well-being. Earlier this year, the company worked extensively towards providing digital solutions to local farmers, building on the ultra app’s capabilities. Now, in a step towards empowering People of Determination, Astra Tech is leveraging the extensive reach and market penetration of the Botim app in the UAE, to enable a broad audience to access and support the merchandise offered by PODs. This initiative has the potential to facilitate sustainable growth for individuals and communities that have traditionally faced financial and technological barriers.

The digital solution being introduced at the AccessAbilities expo is specifically designed for simplicity, requiring three user-friendly steps for People of Determination to join the Botim store.


About Botim:

Astra Tech is the MENA region’s leading consumer technology holding group, dedicated to transforming everyday services with its revolutionary Ultra app. In 2022, the group acquired PayBy, Rizek, and the VoIP app Botim, culminating in the creation of the Ultra app under Botim’s umbrella. Today, Botim operates in 155 countries, offering free end-to-end encrypted VoIP calling and integrating additional services seamlessly such as international money transfers, bill payments, UAE visa services, and more. Astra Tech remains steadfast in its mission to advance technology and enhance the user experience in the region through continuous innovation.

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