AccessAbilities Expo’s 5th edition in October to see 250 exhibitors and brands from 50 countries

AccessAbilities Expo’s 5th edition in October to see 250 exhibitors and brands from 50 countries

AAE 2023 Dubai to showcase the latest Assistive Technology for the first time to serve 50 million People of Determination in the ME region

On show will be a 4WD vehicle for people with motor disabilities that enables them to drive while in their wheelchairs

A car with unique specifications is being launched for the first time in the UAE to serve people with motor disabilities

A device that provides exceptional assistance to the blind using Braille

Technologies enable people with cerebral palsy and improve sleep disorders in children with autism spectrum and hearing difficulties

More than 50 million People of Determination in the Middle East are awaiting the launch of the activities of the 5th edition of the AccessAbilities Expo for People of Determination, which will be held from 9 to 11 October in Halls 5-6-7 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. It will provide a very in-depth look into the world of assistive technology, holistic innovations, and innovative initiatives in inclusion and rehabilitation domains.

It is expected that the largest of its kind exhibition in the region dedicated to People of Determination and their families, being organized under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, President of Dubai Airports, and Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and Group, will have wide participation by companies and visitors alike. The exhibition, organized by Nadd Al Shiba PR & Event Management, will feature the participation of more than 250 exhibitors, brands, and centres for people with Special Needs and rehabilitation from 50 countries, in addition to more than 12,000 visitors from more than 70 countries.

Ghassan Suleiman, CEO of AAE, said thanks to the successes achieved by this event since its inception in 2016 in terms of networking relations between international companies that provide assistive technologies, specialized centres, and the community of People of Determination under one roof, it contributes to enhancing attention to the needs of people of determination and their aspirations for more independence, and to rely on themselves, develop their capabilities and integrate them into society. Suleiman stressed that the vision of the UAE and its exceptional interest in this segment has established its position as a global hub for emerging assistive technologies aimed at serving more than 50 million People of Determination residing in the Middle East.

It is noteworthy that, according to estimates by the World Health Organization, people with Special Needs constitute between 10-15 percent of every society, and their number has increased to 1.3 billion people at present, and this number is expected to rise to more than two billion people in the year 2050 as a result of advancing age, chronic diseases, illiteracy, conflicts, and other causes. The highly-advanced products that will be displayed at the AccessAbilities Expo 2023 constitute good news for more than 50 million People of Determination in the Middle East, who are looking forward to owning such technologies to improve their lives.

Driving a car without getting off a wheelchair

One of the highlights of the products on display will be the Jeep Renegade Mobility E-Hybrid. This four-wheel-drive hybrid car has very high technology, according to the best international safety and security specifications. This environmentally friendly car allows people of determination to enjoy driving while they go to work or take their families on a trip on the seashore or in sandy areas, without the need to get off their wheelchairs.

Cars with unique specifications that were modified for the first time in the UAE

The products also include private cars that were modified for the first time in the UAE and other items with international specifications, equipped with high-tech features that allow people of determination with motor disabilities to get into their cars directly, thanks to an automatic elevator that carries them to the car without the need to build a movable bridge.

People with cerebral palsy can now move around outside

Among the exhibits is a very advanced Australian technology for people with cerebral palsy which enables them to enjoy various activities outside at any time or place they want, through the use of a portable and lightweight trunk and head support system.

Innovation to treat sleep disorders in children with autism

The products on display also include the best French innovation to treat sleep disorders in children on the autism spectrum and enable them to improve their lives and health, which constitutes a qualitative addition to their lives and development for the better.

The world’s first digital multi-line electronic reader

The exhibition will also include the display of the world’s first multi-line digital electronic reader in Braille, which will assist about 2.2 billion people with visual impairments. In addition, the exhibition will also feature an electronic Quran device provided by the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, which allows people with visual impairments to easily navigate, read and bookmark any website within the Holy Quran. The exhibition also presents modern products serving various types of disabilities, which are presented for the first time in the region, in addition to presenting creative initiatives to enhance the processes of accessibility, integration, rehabilitation, equal opportunities, and the creation of a more inclusive and friendly world.

Experts say disability technology plays a transformative role in enabling people with disabilities to overcome barriers and unleash their full potential. Through innovative developments in assistive devices and digital tools, they can now access information, communicate and move around the world more independently. Persons with disabilities still face obstacles affecting all aspects of society, starting from attitudinal obstacles and ending with systemic and technical obstacles. The WHO is promoting access to affordable, high-quality assistive technology, which is currently available to only one.


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